Who are my students?

International Students, Migrants, Engineers, Doctors, Business Professionals, Craftsmen, Artists.

In essence, people who want to live and work here, who love Germany and who have come here for various different reasons, voluntarily or involuntarily. Some are studying, others came in order to build a stable and peaceful life which they can’t have in their home country, and of course for love. They are from all over the world, from Azerbaijan to Columbia to Zambia.

Dear Charlotte, 

Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons!

That was a great week of German lessons! I am really happy to be your student! Now I have a goal for the rest of this year to learn a new language (German)! 

Have a wonderful summer time!

With best regards, 



Dinara Shaimanakova, 09.07.2021

My experience with Charlotte was exceptional. She prepares in advance each of the classes and the material she uses is fun and didactic. In addition, she looks for content according to the interests of the students, and always motivates you to speak. One thing I really appreciate about Charlotte is that she always finds a way to explain things clearly without having to use another language, even if your level of German is very low. She is a very competent, pleasant, patient and motivating person. If you want to learn German, I recommend you to take classes with Charlotte 100%.

Marta Rey 20.08.2021